Weezer and Green Day Tour 2021
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Weezer and Green Day North America Tour 2021

‘Weezer’ is an American rock group from Los Angeles, California which was founded in 1992. The group released 10 studio albums, 6 EPs and one DVD. Singles like ‘Buddy Holly’, ‘Undone’ and ‘Island in the Sun’ made them famous. You may saw clips by ‘Weezer’ on music channels because of their popularity. The first public performance of the group was on Feb, 14 in 1992 with ‘Dogstar’ (band, founded by Keanu Reeves). Then ‘Weezer’ had signed the contract with ‘Geffen Records’. There were some changes in rock group: Jason Cropper was out and his place was occupied by Brian Bell (still in band). Also. there were some more replacements: there came new members, Rivers Cuomo, Scott Shriner and Patrick Wilson, instead of Matt Sharp and Mikey Welsh.

In 1996, after the new album ‘Pinkerton’ supporting tour, guys failed: according to RollingStone, album was rather worse. Musicians understood that they had to get some free time and think about band’s future. Everybody believed: group went to its end. But one thing had changed all: lots of new band tried to copy ‘Weezers’ methods and it increased an interest in archetype in young music lovers. The renewal of ‘Weezer’ carrier was on Warped Tour (2000) which let them understand they were still popular. ‘Green Day’ is an American alternative rock group. Their popularity lasted from 1986 to 1993 and from 2004 to these days. Unbelievably, but group have never been in great request in the US in contrast to Great Britain and Europe where their music was perceived pretty good. The band is considered to be the one reason which caused lots of interest in alternative rock in 1990-s.

Group members weren’t together for 11 years: from 1993 to 2004. Nevertheless, their popularity didn’t fall down but even raised up! In June 2013 ‘Green Day’ released ‘Bagboy’; after that there was an announcement of new material. September, 3 was the ‘birthday’ of EP1 (mini-album by ‘Green Day’). In July 2016 the information about new album named ‘Head Carrier’ which release was planned on September, 30 became known. Both ‘Weezer’ and ‘Green Day’ will go on tour this year. You have a chance to see your idols once again, listen to their music (for example, the most popular song by ‘Green Day’ – ‘Where is my mind?’) and feel nostalgic for years of youth (if you were a fan in their first ‘session’).

Hurry up: tickets are not everlasting. But if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to visit the concert, you will be able to buy tickets during a pre-sale that will start on October, 15 (Monday) at 10AM local time. General on sale will start on October, 19 (Friday) 10AM local time.

Weezer and Green Day Tour Dates 2021:

Weezer and Green Day Tickets & Tour Dates 2021